Monday , March 19 2018

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Places to Visit in Canada Niagara Falls

Best Places to Visit in Canada – Niagara Falls, Whistler Blackcomb and Vancouver

Canada attracts lots of tourists as it covers much of North America’s area and thus owns a lot of its landscape attractions. Visitors of Canada are impressed by the natural scenery, the metropolitan places and the friendly residents. Without information about the best places to visit in Canada, you will not get a full tourism experience. Hence, check out the following highlights of Canada’s major attractions: Niagara Falls : The most prominent natural attraction in Canada is the Niagara Falls in Ontario. Divided among Ontario, Canada and New York, USA, the Niagara Falls are the largest water falls in the world. The Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side is the biggest part of the Niagara and, as its name implies, …

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