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uses of toothpaste you can't imagine

10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine

Toothpaste is the primary product to clean and improve the appearance of the teeth as well as maintains their health. There are several other uses for toothpaste. I experienced most of them and saw amazing results. Here are 10 uses of toothpaste you can’t imagine: 1. to remove stains on clothes: to remove all kinds of stains on clothes as ink or lipstick. Put a little toothpaste on the spot, rub it and then wash it. 2. To remove scratches on the disc and the DVD: If the disc stopped working, you can remove it, put toothpaste on scratches, rub it and then clean it. 3. To clean a diamond ring: put a little toothpaste on the toothbrush .the ring …

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Garlic uses that make you can't do without

Garlic uses that make you can’t do without

There are many exotic and unusual uses of garlic which you can’t imagine or expect. Here’s some of its uses: treats acne: Open a fresh clove of garlic ,cut it into slices and apply it to the acne as an effective home remedy. It Will leave Smell in your skin, but it has amazing benefits and that because of its anti-bacterial properties that helps to reduce the appearance of acne . fix the glass: Did you know that garlic juice is a natural adhesive? So it can be used to fill cracks of glass and link them together. Ear infections: Garlic has been” a wonderful herbal remedy for thousands of years. In fact, garlic helps to kill the bacteria that …

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Garlic, Surprising Uses Of Garlic

Garlic, Surprising Uses Of Garlic

Garlic has always been known to be a super food, it contain many nutrients and it works as a natural antibiotic, the following are some Surprising Ways you can benefit from garlic so read on. Hair loss : Garlic can be the simple and ultimate solution for your hair loss problem, it contains allicin which is a compound that stimulate the blood circulation in the Scalp making sure that hair follicles are getting nourished enough which promote the hair growth eventually, what you can do is soak sliced garlic in olive oil for over night and use that oil with the garlic to gently massage your Scalp before shampooing. Garlic clears acne : Garlic can act as a natural remedy …

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Uses Of Lemon And Orange Peels

Six Surprising Uses Of Lemon And Orange Peels

Instead of getting rid of orange and lemon peels you can use them around your house, you can dry the zest in the oven the grind it and use it as a substitute for vanilla in deserts, you can also use the peels in cleaning and freshening up your house, below we have compiled to you a few fantastic uses for citrus fruit peels so read on 1- Remove Water Stains : If your metal kitchen and bathroom fixtures usually get stained with water, you can use the peels of orange or lemon to polish them and give them a wonderful shine. 2- Shine Wood : Rubbing the white side of the orange peels on your wood furniture can give …

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Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste

Five Unexpected Uses Of Toothpaste

Did you know that your regular toothpaste has many other uses than just cleaning your teeth? Well I didn’t know that either, let us discover below a few Surprising Uses of toothpaste so read on. 1- Get Rid Of Hands Odor : After dealing with garlic, onion and fish one of the best ways to get rid of the unpleasant odor in your hands is by rubbing your hands for two minutes with a minty toothpaste then wash it off, you will be fascinated from the fresh smell in your hands afterwards. 2- Remove Stains : Toothpaste can effectively remove many types of stains specially off of carpets, curtains and clothes, just add a smear of paste on the stain …

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Surprising Beauty Uses Of Saffron

Four Surprising Beauty Uses Of Saffron

Saffron is known to lighten the skin and make it more glowing if consumed daily with a glass of milk, however most people don’t know that that is not the only beauty use of saffron, saffron has many other beauty benefits and that is why it is widely used recently in many beauty products like Lotions, washes and creams, below we will mention some interesting beauty benefits of saffron you can get advantage if immediately. 1- It Treats Acnes. Saffron is rich in antibacterial properties therefore it can be used safely and effectively to treat acnes, you can make a paste of saffron with milk or yogurt and grounded basil leaves to apply on the areas where acnes present, saffron …

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Potato Beauty Uses Of Potato

Potato : Beauty Uses Of Potato

Potato is one of the most popular ingredients eaten by people worldwide, although most of those who are conscious about their weight tend to avoid eating potatoes because of its high content of carbohydrates and starch, others can not resist it, beside the high level of carbs found in potato, it is highly nutritious, you can get advantage of it externally as well as internally, if you are watching your waist line, you can still benefit your body and more particularly your beauty by using potatoes, if you are confused about the beauty uses of potatoes, this article is brought to you, read on too discover. 1- It Reduces Dark Circles Around The Eyes. Potatoes has natural bleaching properties, but …

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Health and Beauty Uses of Lemon Juice

9 Amazing Health and Beauty Uses of Lemon Juice

Lemons are super fruits that are known for being loaded with vitamin C and other nutrients like antioxidants. These citrus fruits are usually used to fight scurvy and colds but there are many more benefits to them. When you read the following amazing health and beauty benefits of lemon juice, you will make sure that you never run out of lemons. 1. Getting Rid of Dandruff : Squeeze 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and massages them on your scalp then rinse your head with lemon water. Repetition of this process will help you get rid of dandruff. 2. Relieving Insect Bites : Put lemon juice on insect bites to reduce itching and swelling. 3. Curing Coughs : Drinking warm lemon …

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