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Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

Seven Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

Lemon, salt and pepper are not things that can only make salad delicious, but you can use them as medicine effectively. Indeed, many people use these ingredients to cure everyday ailments, another reason is that, people are nowadays preferring homemade remedies rather than chemical medications due to their several side effects that everybody is aware of now. Here’s a list of the ailments that these three ingredients can treat. Soar Throat. Relieve the pain your throat by combining lemon juice with one teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of fine black pepper powder and warm water, gargle with this solution three times a day to sooth your sore throat. Congested Nose. Get rid of your clogged noses and the congestion by …

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Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

What Happens When You Treat Your Hair With Aspirin

We are so used to the commercial products to provide the required care to our hair and scalp ignoring the effectivity of other simpler treatments that could work even better than expensive hair care products and treatments, here is how aspirin can help you protect your hair and enhance its beauty. . The Benefits Of Aspirin. Aspirin is an analgesic and anti-clotting most widely used worldwide, it is recommended by doctors to relieve fever and to protect cardiovascular health. In addition to these benefits it is used for cosmetic purposes due to the advantage of all the materials that compose it. As how aspirin can help the hair, aspirin works on cleansing the scalp and hair from fungus infections that …

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the Habit of Bed Wetting

How to Treat Your Child of the Habit of Bed Wetting

One of the things that make parenthood tough for parents, and scares off anyone who thinks about having kids is the “wet sheets” problem. It is much more than the bother of changing and cleaning the sheets. Kids feel guilty and awful for having little bladder control and they hate to see the annoyed expressions on their parents’ faces. Here are some tips that will help in treating your kids of this problem. 1- If bedwetting is a frequent problem for your kid, then it is possible that he/she is suffering from an unstable bladder. An unstable bladder is a problem that has many reasons including urinary tract infections and constipation that pressures the bladder. Check what your child eats …

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Treat Your Lumbar Muscle Strain (Lower Back Pain)

Three Steps To Treat Your Lumbar Muscle Strain (Lower Back Pain)

Lumbar muscle strain require proper treatment in order to achieve a satisfying result, you must know the reason behind your lower back pain to be able to find a solution, some lower back pain require evaluation by a specialist physician as they could be needing a more urgent and sophisticated treatment, once you get diagnosed with Lumbar muscle strain or also known as musculoligamentous you can proceed trying the following treatment. 1- Rest In Bed. The first step in the treatment is to rest your back, stay away from prolonged activities, aggressive exercises and lifting heavy things or taking wrong sitting postures, it was traditionally recommended to stick to strict bed rest so that the inflammation subside and the case …

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Top 5 Mistakes Treat Sore Muscles

Top 5 Mistakes You Do to Treat Sore Muscles

After vigorous exercise you usually experience soreness in your muscles a day after. This feeling is called delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS and it’s due to inflammations of tiny tears between your muscles and adjacent tissue. The inflammations then trigger pain receptors and that’s when you feel sore. You may then resort to the wrong methods to treat the soreness, some of which are mentioned below. 1. Overuse of Painkillers : You may feel tempted to chug on painkillers thinking it’ll relieve the pain. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Apart from not giving any evident assist in reducing pain, it delays the muscle and bone healing process by hindering collagen production. Their side effects also include gastrointestinal and cardiovascular …

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Home Remedies To Treat Minor Ear Infection Or Ear Discharge

Three Home Remedies To Treat Minor Ear Infection Or Ear Discharge

Ear discharge is a medical condition that is quit common to many people of all ages, it can happen as a result of an infection in the middle ear, trauma happened to the ear canal, eardrum or other conditions, usually the discharge would be excessive Wax that your ear produce Naturally, sometimes ear discharge can be accompanied with fever, pain, discomfort and feeling of sickness, in this case and specially if the condition last more than a week you are recommended to consult your doctor immediately, however if the condition is more mild then you can try the help of these following home remedies. 1- Use White Vinegar. White vinegar with its acidic nature work as a natural topical antibacterial, …

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Tips To Treat Acnes Vulgaris Quickly

Seven Tips To Treat Acnes Vulgaris Quickly

Acne vulgaris is a very common skin condition between people of all age groups and skin types, but it needs a special and close medical attention and regular person hygiene, there are different treatments that was found effective for this skin condition according to the severity of the condition, below are some tips you may find helpful for treating acne vulgaris. 1- Wash With Water Regularly. One if the most important yet simplest ways to take care of acne vulgaris is by regularly washing the face with water every two hours, first wash your face with warm water and then follow with cold or normal water, you can also use a mild face wash to do this process, make sure …

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