Tuesday , February 20 2018

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Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

Seven Things Lemon, Salt And Pepper Treat

Lemon, salt and pepper are not things that can only make salad delicious, but you can use them as medicine effectively. Indeed, many people use these ingredients to cure everyday ailments, another reason is that, people are nowadays preferring homemade remedies rather than chemical medications due to their several side effects that everybody is aware of now. Here’s a list of the ailments that these three ingredients can treat. Soar Throat. Relieve the pain your throat by combining lemon juice with one teaspoon of salt and teaspoon of fine black pepper powder and warm water, gargle with this solution three times a day to sooth your sore throat. Congested Nose. Get rid of your clogged noses and the congestion by …

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