Thursday , February 22 2018

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tea beneficial for your health

Is tea beneficial for your health? If so, what are its benefits?

Tea is almost the world’s most consumed beverage, and all its kinds (white, black, oolong and green) originate from the same plant, nevertheless they differ in harvesting and processing. For the green tea, the freshly- picked leaves need to be immediately steamed or pan- fried to halt fermentation and oxidation. White tea is made similarly but using the youngest and newest buds. Oolong and black tea leaves wither and then are crushed; black tea is fully fermented while oolong is partially fermented. Matcha tea is finely ground green tea, and when drinking it, the whole tea leaf is consumed not just the infusion; that is why it is considered nutritionally higher than green tea. Actually, one cup of black tea …

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