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What Happens When You Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole

What Happens When You Eat Sunflower Seeds Whole?

Sunflower seeds make a perfect snack. They are delicious, are quite entertaining to eat, and are full of nutrients like phytosterols which are plant chemicals that help lower cholesterol, magnesium and vitamin E. A common way to eat sunflower seeds is to crack their hulls open with your teeth and eat the kernel, the flesh inside. However, it must have occurred to you whether it is okay to just chew the whole thing, kernel and hulls, and you want to know what the worst that could happen? Well, here’s your answer…. The Ugly Truth Like all nuts, sunflower seeds have shells to protect the interior contents long enough to germinate and be ready to become beautiful sunflower plants. Birds find …

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Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Six Health Benefits Of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are small yet enriched with amazing health benefits that you can get advantage of right away, from its high levels of minerals and vitamins to its ability to maintain healthy skin, bones, heart and even help you losing weight, all that make it such a wonderful snack for when you are watching TV or spending time with friends. Sunflower seeds can be enjoyed in their natural form or can be toasted with a little pinch of salt, let us take a look below at some of the health benefits of sunflower seeds and how it can enhance your good health and we’ll being. 1- Sunflower Seeds For Healthy Bones. One of the many health benefits of sunflower seeds …

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