Thursday , March 22 2018

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Foods That Make You Stink For Days

Three Foods That Make You Stink For Days

What you eat have a direct effect on how you smell, not only your breath, but also your body’s Odor, mainly foods that are rich in sulfur compounds are the reason behind a stinking body odor, asparagus, garlic, cumin and red meats, and the whole thing goes back to how your body metabolise this compound, we are not saying to avoid those foods because sulfur is very beneficial for the health in many aspects, however if you don’t want to stink then eat those foods in moderation and well cooked. 1- Red Meats. In a 2006 study made by the Czech Republic, a group of meat eating men and vegetarian men were collected, a group of women were asked to …

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Foods You Eat That Make You Stink

4 Foods You Eat That Make You Stink

There are plenty of foods we like that are good and useful in healing some diseases but cause stinking smell within our sweat. Our bodies have two kinds of sweat glands that are found in our underarms, on our foreheads, the palms of our hands, the soles of our feet, lower abdominal area and genitals. Sweat is just salt and water that gets out of sweat glands during a hard workout and pick up the scent from foods you eat. The bacteria that exist in your clothes make the odor you smell after a hard workout. Some areas like lower abdominal area and genitals sweat to get rid of wastes as fats and proteins. The bacteria on your skin feed …

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