Monday , March 19 2018

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Steps To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows

Three Steps To Perfectly Shape Your Eyebrows

The way your eyebrows are shaped have a strong and direct impact on how your whole face looks, the most important two aspects are the eyebrows and the lips, those two frame your face and reflect the beauty in it, many women find it hard to shape their eyebrows properly, but because it is really important, we brought you this article to guide you through the needed steps to perfectly shape your eyebrows, you can even do it yourself at home right away, so read on to learn . 1- Match The Shape Of Your Eyebrows With Your Face Shape. Your eyebrows should be matched completely with your facial features and the shape of your face, the first step to …

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Steps To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

Five Steps To Have A Healthy Pregnancy

As soon as you find out you are pregnant or even if you are planning to get pregnant, there are some serious life changes and things you should think about, in order to provide the healthiest and happiest pregnancy for your child, being discipline during your pregnancy will give your child the best chance of natural healthy birth, the following are some tips in order to have a healthy pregnancy that end up with bundles of joy. 1- Quit Bad Habits. Off course most women as soon as they find out they are pregnant or even while trying to get pregnant try to stay away from bad habits like smoking, alcohol, consuming caffeine, prescribed drugs or even over the counter …

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