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Amazing health benefits of spinach

Spinach is one of the green healthy foods which are characterized by several therapeutic benefits. The most prominent feature of spinach is that it contains iron, but few know that spinach leaves contains antioxidants and that it contains Glycerol fat which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Here you will discover more about this great green vegetable. – Spinach maintains the health of the heart and blood vessels. Also, it protects the arteries due to its high content of vitamin C and beta – carotene which acts as antioxidants. – It strengthens the immune system because it contains a large proportion of vitamin A, which contributes to building the white blood cells that fight diseases. – It’s very useful to …

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Facts About Spinach And Other Leafy Vegetables

Disturbing Facts About Spinach And Other Leafy Vegetables

I’m sure it is such a shock for all spinach lovers out there, but it was proven that even prewashed spinach can carry dangerous bacteria like E, coli, according to the Center Of Disease Control about 48 American suffer from food poisoning every year and more than half of those cases are caused by fresh produce. It is quit normal to worry from food poisoning when cooking raw meat, but with fresh produce it is quit uncommon for us. However fresh produce and particularly leafy vegetables should be used cautiously as they have the tendency to carry dangerous bacteria. In a scientific experiment advanced microscopic techniques were used to observe the bacteria and bacteria cells attached on spinach leaves that …

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Spinach - Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know about Spinach

Spinach – Astonishing Facts You Didn’t Know about Spinach

We are all well-aware of the super nutritional benefits of eating spinach. However, there are more amazing health facts you may never have heard of before this day about the delicious leafy green vegetable. Cooked Spinach is Healthier than Raw Spinach : Our body is unable to completely break down and benefit from all the nutrients found in raw spinach. On the other hand, cooking the vegetable will release all its nutrients making it three times as healthy. Couple Spinach with Food High in Vitamin C : Spinach is rich in iron and calcium but it also contains oxalic acid that inhibits iron and calcium absorption. Eating spinach with food high in vitamin C, such as cantaloupes and oranges, is …

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