Friday , February 23 2018

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Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Social Media from Your Life

5 Reasons Why You Should Eliminate Social Media from Your Life

Social media are computer and internet based tools, and to make it easier for those who are more into examples than definitions, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc are all examples of such tools. Seeing as these tools are a huge part of everyone’s life right now, I think it would horrify you to give them up. However, I will state the reasons why you should do that in this article. 1- These tools waste time. They have wasted so much of MY time, even though I just use them when it is necessary (buying things online, looking for jobs, examining the updates on my study group, etc). I don’t know why, but I can’t resist all the distractions and time is …

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social media really affect our mental health

Can social media really affect our mental health?

The first email was delivered in 1971; more than 40 years have passed and social networking, such as Twitter and Facebook, are used on a large scale worldwide. However, this hyperactivity, according to researchers, can affect our well- being and mental health. A study suggests that Facebook use can increase anxiety and feed the feeling of inadequacy and even can cause misery. It is presumed that Facebook fulfills the basic human need for social communication, but instead of enhancing well- being, it gives the opposite result undermining it; however this is the case for some people not every one. The main attraction for internet is the ability to connect with the world around us, for example to send emails rather …

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Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

Seven Negative Effects Of Social Media On Our Lives

The modern technology is interfering our daily lives to a huge extent, we almost rely 100 percent on modern technologies to accomplish any task, social media is a face of modern technology that found its way in almost everyone on earth’s life, which for sure have both positive and negative effects on us. On this list we will inform you of seven of the negative effects of social media on our lives. 7- Social Media Encourage For Drug And Alcohol Use. A study that was made on a group of participants between the age of 12 to 17 to discover the relationship between teenagers, drug and alcohol usage and social media. The study concluded that those who interact with social …

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