Wednesday , February 21 2018

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Beauty Habits You Must Do To Maintain Your Skin's Glow

Four Night Beauty Habits You Must Do To Maintain Your Skin’s Glow

During the day your skin gets exposed to a number of harsh factors that strikes the life out of it and leaves it dull and unhealthy which all leads to developing premature aging signs eventually, fortunately you can reverse all the damage that happens to your skin during the day at night with some proper skin care routine. You skin repairs itself during sleep, applying the nutrients it needs before going to bed will help it absorb the elements that it needs to repair itself and look the best, here are a few beauty habits you should do every night before going to bed. 1- Remove Your Makeup. Regardless to how tired and exhausted you are or how busy your …

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Food That Will Make Your skin Glow

5 Types of Food That Will Make Your skin Glow

Do you want a glowing youthful-looking skin? Do you want to be known as the girl who does not even need to use makeup, because her skin looks so beautiful and youthful without it? Do not be alarmed, we will not tell you about skincare products the will make some holes in your pockets. We will just tell you what to eat to get a beautiful glowing skin. 1- Seafood, fish and grass-fed meat are an important part of your diet if you are aiming for a beautiful, elastic glowing skin. Why? Because they are rich in Omega-3 oils that protect skin cells making them full and elastic, and thus youthful looking. 2- Stock made from boiling bone is important …

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