Sunday , February 25 2018

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Foods To Get A Serotonin Boost

Try These Foods To Get A Serotonin Boost

Although trying to boost your serotonin by your diet can’t compete to taking serotonin boosting supplements that you should only take after the approval of your doctor, we will provide you a list of the foods that can boost serotonin and hence mood, however be aware that in order for your body to absorb the serotonin boosting compounds in these foods they should be accompanied with carbohydrates. 1- Eggs. The protein found in eggs contain amino acids called tryptophan which is what serotonin is synthesized from, it is best to have it for dinner to promote a good and deep sleep, however don’t forget to combine your egg with carbohydrates and make sure not to leave the yolk out. 2- …

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