Thursday , March 22 2018

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5 of the Scariest Places on Earth Jocobs Well, Texas

Best 5 of the Scariest Places on Earth

There are a few unique places on our planet that have this bone-chilling vibe. Even though there was no proof of unearthly creatures hovering around, but those long-abandoned dark places could be even more terrifying. They’ve witnessed the highest level of human fear and curiosity and they’ve tempted the most adventurous souls into their depth. Following are some of the creepiest places in our world. 1. Jocob’s Well, Texas A tunnel opening that goes down for at least 40 feet and then descending vertically into a colossal underwater system. The water down there is so dark and cold that when the explorers find a body, it appears to have been aptly preserved. Due to the death toll there, a safety …

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