Saturday , March 24 2018

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Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

Don’t Like Dairy Products? Here Are The Nondairy Richest Sources Of Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrients for our bodies, it is not only needed for the week being of our homes and gums but also for a proper functioning of the nerve system and proper muscle building, calcium deficiency can lead to dangerous health condition such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, the richest sources of calcium are known to be Dairy product, however some people don’t like to Consume Dairy products for several reasons, does that mean they are not getting enough calcium? Fortunately there are many other sources of calcium that don’t include Dairy products and they include:- 1- Milk Alternatives. Milk alternatives are fortified with enough levels of calcium to satisfy your daily need of vitamin D and calcium, cow’s …

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Vitamin B12 and The Richest Foods With It

The Importance Of Vitamin B12 and The Richest Foods With It

Vitamin B12 is very essential for your health, it is a water soluble vitamin that is responsible to maintain the health of your nerve system, brain and the creation of your red blood cells, deficiency of vitamin B12 on the long term can cause nerves damage and can even lead to paralysis, even a mild deficiency if vitamin B12 can result in low brain function, low energy levels and red blood cells that are unable to carry oxygen to the body cells. • The Benefits Of Vitamin B12 Include:- Protect against cancer. Boosting energy levels. Regulating blood sugars and controlling sugar cravings. Reduce risks of brain degeneration. Reduce cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Prevent depression. • Vitamin B12 Deficiency …

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