Tuesday , March 20 2018

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Most Amazing Beaches of the Mediterranean Sea Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The Charm of the Mediterranean Sea – Island of Rhodes, Sveti Stefan, Montenegro, Ayia Napa and Cyprus

Azure water, soft sands and cozy climate are some of the few features that describe the charm of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea is the biggest inland sea covering an area of approximately 965,000 square miles. It’s called the Mediterranean for being bound by the lands of Europe, Africa and Asia. The magnitude of the sea and its location allows for a biodiversity that attracts the interest of ecologists worldwide. Tourists and locals on vacations like to spend their spare times on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. However, once something happened that disturbed the flow of visitors to the charming beaches. During one of the summers, there was a massive jellyfish invasion attacked the Mediterranean beaches repelling the …

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