Sunday , February 25 2018

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Reasons That Make Pemogranates The Fruit You Should Eat Often

8 Reasons That Make Pomegranates a Fruit You Should Eat Often

Some said it is – not apples – the fruit that got Adam and Eve kicked from heaven. Some said it was mentioned Exodus and on the walls of Ancient Egyptians. And it was mentioned in Oscar Wilde’s fantasy stories. We are talking about pomegranates if you haven’t guessed it already. So why should you eat pomegranates often? 1- Pomegranate juice contained in the pulp that covers its seeds destroys free radicals. It is commonly known that free radicals are the reason of many types of cancer. Pomegranate juice is especially helpful in breast and prostate cancer. 2- Not many people know that pomegranate contains high levels of iron. So instead of avoiding unappetizing sources of iron like leafy greens …

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