Wednesday , February 21 2018

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Reasons Will Make You Eat Guava Often

Theses 7 Reasons Will Make You Eat Guava Often

Guava is a yummy tropical fruit that used to be planted only in tropical places. I used to eat it just because it is so delicious and fragrant. That is before I read all about its wonderful benefits that will make having some guavas more often a necessity. Here are only a few: 1- Guavas have high levels of vitamins B3 and B6. B3 is sometimes called niacin, and it helps in increasing blood flow and stimulating cognitive functions, while B6 promotes the nerve system. 2- Guavas have large quantities of vitamin A. You might already know that vitamin A is important for your eyesight. It prevents macular degeneration and slows its progression significantly if it has already started. 3- …

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