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Things To Consider When You Get Pregnant

Five Things To Consider When You Get Pregnant

Pregnancy is a big shift in your life as well as your partner’s, it requires you to change your lifestyle as well as your perspective towards life that is why it is important for you to think and look at the larger picture. Here’s a list of five things you should start thinking about once you get pregnant. 1- What Type Of Delivery You Want. The different types of child delivery can either have consequences on your health later on or can pass quickly without health problems, delivery is a big step and you should make up your mind how you want your baby to come to the world, do you want a natural delivery at your home or an …

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The best types of food a pregnant woman should eat

The best types of food a pregnant woman should eat!

Eating for one person is not all that easy, especially when we are worrying about our health. For instance, do we have a slice of cake for dessert or should we actually just stick to a bit of fruit now? Eating for two persons, yet, is another totally different game which is a very nerve-wracking duty. The questions which go through an expecting mother’s mind are so perplexing to say the least. How much fish should I eat? Here is a few great suggestion on what to eat while you are pregnant. 1. Eggs. An individual egg provides you about 90 calories, that is not bad at all. In addition to these calories, eggs are also loaded with lots of …

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Nutritious foods you should eat if you are pregnant

Nutritious foods you should eat if you are pregnant

Pregnant women are always confused about what to eat. They are worried whether the food they eat will be useful or not for the baby. In this article we brought you some information about the best foods that a pregnant woman should eat. *Broccoli: It contains a lot of important nutrients a woman needs during pregnancy, for example, folate and calcium. In addition, Broccoli is rich with antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C which are very useful for the mother and the baby. *Sweet potatoes: They are a very good source of energy during pregnancy. They include some of the carotenoids that are transformed into vitamin A when they enter our bodies. Carotenoid contain the raw material of vitamin A. Moreover, …

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Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

5 Things You Must Never Ever Say to a Pregnant Woman

Imagine this scenario; you are talking to a newly pregnant woman who is just so happy and glowing she feels like she is walking on clouds. Then comes this person who hates her (or just enjoys being mean!) and say few mean words. How would she feel, and act? Here are the things you must never say to a pregnant woman. 1- Even if the one pregnant is sick with god knows what, you do not go and say something like: don’t you need to check that at a hospital it might affect your baby. Because you will get a lot of beating you can’t give back because she is pregnant. 2- Another thing you must never say to a …

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Questions Pregnant Women Ask and Their Answers

5 Common Questions Pregnant Women Ask and Their Answers

One of the times when a woman’s body is at its weakest is when she is pregnant. Therefore, pregnant women are always nurtured and cared for, sometimes they are TOO nurtured and cared for in a way that suffocates them. At that time they ask questions like: should I really not drink this? Is it really dangerous if I get a little of that? In this article, you will find answers to some of the most common of these questions. 1- Is it true that I can’t drink coffee at all? Doctors usually tell pregnant women to avoid any sources of caffeine during pregnancy, so things like tea and coffee are not allowed. However, there is no definitive research that …

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Ways To Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

Three Ways To Prepare Yourself To Get Pregnant

When a couple get married for long enough and decide to start their family and have children, at this point they usually have no idea about the journey they are going to go through, most of us thought that as soon as we stop the birth control method conceiving will be no problem, while some women are blessed with that, the majority take quit a long time to conceive, an average healthy couple is expected to take up to one year to conceive, however many take way longer than that, and many can’t even succeed on their own. However learning how to listen to your body and how to prepare your body to get pregnant can shorten the period of …

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Tips To Handle Your First Child While Being Pregnant

Four Tips To Handle Your First Child While Being Pregnant

We always hear about the difficulties expecting mothers experience with their toddlers, and according to a personal experience , it can get really hard and frustrating, if you are pregnant and already having hard times handling your toddler, here are some tips to help you ease it up. 1- Visit Other Friends Who Have Two Or More Children. The only way to familiarize your child with the idea that he could share the love and attention he is getting from you now with another child is by visiting other friends of your who already have more than one child, speak to your child about how exciting it is to have a little brother or sister to play with and take …

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