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Best Places for Spring Skiing Colorado

Best Spring Skiing Places – Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia, Les Menuires, French Alps and Colorado

Is winter over and you’re not ready to give up on skiing or had been busy? Don’t worry, there are a number of fabulous skiing places available during the spring to catch up with this fun sport. In fact, spring skiing destinations prove to be more reasonably priced than winter ones, with the benefit of being less crowded. Check out the following options from the best spring skiing places: Whistler Blackcomb, British Columbia : When snow is melting everywhere, it is a bummer for seekers of winter activities. However, while that is happening everywhere else, athletes grab their ski kits and head to Whistler Blackcomb where there is ample snow even until June. Whistler hosts amusing springtime festivities, contests, concerts …

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Places to Visit in Canada Niagara Falls

Best Places to Visit in Canada – Niagara Falls, Whistler Blackcomb and Vancouver

Canada attracts lots of tourists as it covers much of North America’s area and thus owns a lot of its landscape attractions. Visitors of Canada are impressed by the natural scenery, the metropolitan places and the friendly residents. Without information about the best places to visit in Canada, you will not get a full tourism experience. Hence, check out the following highlights of Canada’s major attractions: Niagara Falls : The most prominent natural attraction in Canada is the Niagara Falls in Ontario. Divided among Ontario, Canada and New York, USA, the Niagara Falls are the largest water falls in the world. The Horseshoe Fall on the Canadian side is the biggest part of the Niagara and, as its name implies, …

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Places To See In kenya Masai Mara National Reserve

Spellbinding Places to Visit in Kenya – Mount Kenya, Lake Victoria and Masai Mara National Reserve

Africa attracts lots of tourists from all over the world for its spellbinding nature and rich history. Kenya, located at the Eastern region of the Black Continent, homes some of the most amazing attractions in Africa. In addition, the locals in Kenya are characterized by their inviting hospitality. Read on to know the most fascinating places to visit in Kenya. Mount Kenya : Have a fun camping experience or rent a hut on Africa’s second highest peak, Mount Kenya. Over there, you will get a closer look at wildlife and gaze the panoramic view of snow-covered mountaintops. Only professional hikers can climb trails up to Batian and Nelion. Others can trek up to Lenana as it is more accessible. While …

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Places Must See in Varanasi Varanasi Ghats

Best Places to See in Varanasi – Varanasi Ghats, Saint Mary’s Church and Nepali Temple

Uttar Pradesh, a state in northern India, is home to one of the oldest cities in its southeastern part. The city is currently called Varanasi but it is also known as Banaras, Benares, the city of Shiva or as formerly called Kashi meaning a site of spiritual luminance. Varanasi is a popular destination for various individuals, those looking for spirituality, heritage and nirvana. Hindus head to Varanasi for religious ceremonies of using the ghats to dip in the water of the Ganges. They even long to die by the river banks for eternal bliss. Visitors of Varanasi get to explore the rich heritage by enjoying the music, literature and art. People worldwide cherish the silk weaving products such as the …

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Haunted Places in India Bhangarh

Haunted Places in India – Bhangarh and Shimla-Kalka Railway Line

Whether you believe in the existence of ghosts or not, ghost stories have always been intriguing for lots of us. In case you long to experience the spookiness of a ghost story, a visit to one of India’s supposedly haunted places will surely send a chill down your spine. Even if you weren’t easy to scare, the haunted places of India prove to be amusing for those fond of adventure. Read on and be cautious if you have a weak heart! Bhangarh : There is a reason behind the haunting of each place and the haunting of Bhangarh has one of two reasons. The most popular story suggests that a tantrik wizard cursed the town because he failed to seduce …

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Marina Bay Inviting Places in Singapore

Inviting Places in Singapore – Sentosa, National Museum, Marina Bay and Singapore Zoo

Singapore stands on the peak of global urban civilization with its rising economy and modernized lifestyle. Although Singapore is modest in size, it has tremendous tourist attractions spread across its numerous islands. Here are some of the most inviting places in Singapore: Sentosa Seaside attractions such as well prepared resorts and first-class restaurants can all be found in Singapore’s Sentosa Island. One of Sentosa’s intriguing attractions is the Universal Studios Theme Park. Families visiting this Singaporean island can enjoy going to the Underwater world and exploring a broad variety of marine creatures. Restaurants in Sentosa has diverse menus with universal dishes such as Chinese, French and Australian dishes. National Museum of Singapore You can know a lot about a country …

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Top Places to Stay in Orlando Florida

Top Places to Stay in Orlando Florida

Tourists looking for top places to tour in USA are majorly attracted to Florida especially Orlando. The reason for this is the availability of attractive spots such as Disneyland, Sea World, Discovery Cove and beautiful scenery. Florida realizes the need for its numerous tourists to have places to stay, and so Florida provides various accommodations equipped with all facilities and vital services ranging from simple to extremely luxurious. Orlando’s tourist homes are distinguished by being located in a serene environment with views on spectacular natural and man-made wonders. Accommodations include places as lavish as villas and hotels looking on beach scenery and places as basic as motels and other forms of condo units which can be rented for a reasonable …

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Haji Ali Top 5 Places in Mumbai

Top 5 Places in Mumbai – Gateway, Mani Bhavan Gandhi, Bollywood, Haji Ali and Cowpatty Beach

Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is one of the most attractive places to visit in India. There is something to attract the interest of all tastes of tourists and locals in Mumbai. As Mumbai is populated with over 13 million individuals and its hotels are jammed with visitors at all times, it is best that you reserve a room before reaching Mumbai. The top five places to visit there are: 1. Gateway of India The Gateway of India witnessed a number of the most significant historical events in Mumbai. It was completed in 1920 to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary in 1911. The arch shaped gateway welcomed the return of Gandhi from South Africa and …

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