Sunday , March 18 2018

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Ways to Use Pantyhose You Don’t Wear Anymore

6 Amazing Ways to Use Pantyhose You Don’t Wear Anymore

Pantyhose have this stupid habit of getting unflattering runs in them, and before you know it, you address your pantyhose saying something similar (although less ornate) to, “curse thee pantyhose for being this flimsy and useless”. However, you shouldn’t toss your old pantyhose in the recyclables trash bin just yet. Here are some amazing things you can do with it: 1- Mopping your hardwood floors with water can make them lose their lovely sheen quickly, and just sweeping or vacuuming them won’t cut it. So, what is the solution? Put your usual cleaning cotton cloth inside old pantyhose and wipe the floors with it into their original sheen. 2- Pantyhose are so flexible and handy that you can roll it …

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