Wednesday , March 21 2018

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5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Online Shopping

Many people like online shopping for obvious reasons. It saves time and gas. It gets you merchandise quickly and easily without having to stop in lines. It keeps you updated about sales and offers. And it lets you buy whatever you want even if it is something that isn’t available on stores, or something you don’t want others to see. However, I advise against it for the following reasons. 1- You think that all you have to pay is the merchandise’s price? Think again! Even if you are online shopping from a company that is right next to your house, you are still paying a handsome fee for shipping. Sometimes shipping fee is even more than the price for the …

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Reasons Why You Need to Give Online Shopping a Try

6 Important Reasons Why You Need to Give Online Shopping a Try

Few years back, we used to go looking around when we needed to buy anything. However, few years after the start of internet came the choice of online shopping. In this kind of shopping, you browse for what you want to buy, choose it from online stores, pay for it with an online payment service (Paypal, Skrill, etc.), and get it via mail. So, why exactly do many people like online shopping? And why should you do the same? 1- Online shopping makes comparing prices easy. You don’t have to run across town from one place to another to know if the place you are checking is selling the merchandise cheaper. There are even websites that line the places that …

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