Friday , May 25 2018

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Important Tips for Building Strong Muscles

4 Important Tips for Building Strong Muscles

Do you want to build bigger and stronger muscles in your biceps, chest, legs and more? You have to know that there are essentials before doing so that you can’t skip. If you plan to hit the gym soon, check out the following 4 important tips: 1. Cardio is as important as weight lifting Weight lifting is responsible for muscle building, but that is not enough when there is fat surrounding your muscles. By practicing cardio as well as weight lifting, you shed off the fat and make space for more bulging muscles. Jumping ropes, swimming, and even martial arts are also different forms of cardio. 2. Take weight training gradually One common mistake is taking on heavy weights right …

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Top 5 Mistakes Treat Sore Muscles

Top 5 Mistakes You Do to Treat Sore Muscles

After vigorous exercise you usually experience soreness in your muscles a day after. This feeling is called delayed-onset muscle soreness, or DOMS and it’s due to inflammations of tiny tears between your muscles and adjacent tissue. The inflammations then trigger pain receptors and that’s when you feel sore. You may then resort to the wrong methods to treat the soreness, some of which are mentioned below. 1. Overuse of Painkillers : You may feel tempted to chug on painkillers thinking it’ll relieve the pain. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case. Apart from not giving any evident assist in reducing pain, it delays the muscle and bone healing process by hindering collagen production. Their side effects also include gastrointestinal and cardiovascular …

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