Monday , June 18 2018

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Myths and Misconceptions You Should Not Believe

Workout Myths and Misconceptions You Should Not Believe

Did you notice that people follow a specific pattern when working out? Like starting with stretching, then working out for a certain amount of time, or following a tough workout routine that gets even tougher if you had splurged the night before. The reason people follow these patterns is some misconceptions and myths they believe about working out, such as: 1- Your workout routine needs to be strict and strenuous to achieve the desired result. Workout is not something people usually like. Even experienced athletes do not like it that much. However, you worsen things by making it more tiresome and damage your tissues in the process. Follow an easy but regular workout routine you do not get fed up …

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Common Misconceptions about Fertility You Should Know

5 Common Misconceptions about Fertility You Should Know

When you look forward to have a baby and look for advices from the people around you and the internet, you face a lot of false information that might not help in getting pregnant and can actually affect your fertility and the fertility of your partner. We collected some of the most common misconceptions and corrected them for your knowledge, so enjoy an informative read… 5. Weight Has No Effect on Fertility : Fitness does have an effect on your chances of getting pregnant. Both underweight and overweight individuals are less fertile than those who are fit. Weight affects both men and women. Overweight influences the sperm count in men. 4. Caffeine Is Forbidden for Pregnant Women : If a …

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Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

4 Common Fitness Misconceptions You Must Correct

No matter how you exhaust yourself with exercise, following fitness misconceptions will give you undesirable results. Therefore, it is time to stop working hard and start working smart towards the fitness you dream you have. Check out the following common myths that many of us follow on our path to a fit body so you can avoid applying them. 4. Believing that workout cancels the extra calories you consume Workout plays just about 30% of what you should do to lose weight and become fit. You cannot rely on exercise to eliminate all the extra calories you consume. If you follow a workout session by some desserts or junk food, you restore the calories you lost or even consume more …

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Common Misconceptions that Influence Sleep

7 Common Misconceptions that Influence Sleep

Many people participate in some behaviors that may affect their sleep. All those thoughts aren’t entirely true. You have to follow the latest research and examine sleeping habits more closely for yourself. Read on to clear all your misconceptions about sleep. 7. Books, Television and Laptop are Good Tools to Sleep Many people believe that they can’t sleep without TV and they consider it a good way to sleep. They think that they are sleeping during a TV show, but unfortunately they stay awake all the night. Try to turn off the TV during the sleep of your partner who believes in this fallacy. As soon as you turn it off TV he or she wakes up and screams at …

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