Saturday , March 24 2018

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Factors Disturb Menstruation

10 Factors That Disturb Your Menstruation

Having menstruation is a tiring issue on its own, so how about having an irregular menstrual cycle? Menstrual cycle irregularities like getting heavy periods, missing periods or spotting between periods have several reasons. A regular cycle lasts from 28-31 days from the beginning of a period to the beginning of the next one. Minor deviations are negligible but extreme cases need to be examined by a physician. Here are ten factors that disturb a menstrual cycle: 10. Being Around Pesticides Menstrual cycles are controlled by hormones and since pesticides imitate hormones, they normally disturb menstruation. This particularly affects women who live in farms where hormonally active pesticides are used. In order to prevent pesticides from messing up your period, avoid …

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