Friday , March 23 2018

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Is it true that less protein means a longer and healthier life?

Recent studies recommend that we should decrease our protein intake for a long and healthy life; in the short term a high- protein diet helps people lose weight but in the long term, specifically the animal- based protein, it causes health problems and reduces life span because it increases the risk of diabetes and caner and even death in the middle age. Diets high in carbohydrates and low in protein allow in longer life spans, so you should not pay attention to just calories but also to the type and amount of protein. The high- protein diet especially from animals is almost considered as bad as smoking; the bad effects almost disappear if the protein is plant- based. However, older …

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Tips To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

Three Helpful Tips To Make Your Haircut Last Longer

With our crowded lifestyle, we can barely find time to go get a hair cut, so when we actually make time to get one, we want it to look good and last for long time, for this purpose we have put together this article with the best advices from the most professional hairstyles on how to make your haircut last weeks and weeks and still look fresh, so read on. 1- Style According To Your Hair Type. A proper and professional haircut should holds its shape for long time even when your hair grows, the shape should still be there, your hair stylist should be able to determine the right cutting techniques for your hair, haircuts with minimal layering should …

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