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Causes for Missed or Irregular Periods

The Most Common Causes for Missed or Irregular Periods

Most women get 11 to 13 menstruation periods every year, however some women can have more or fewer periods as long as it is normal for you and menstruation occurs every regular periods of time then you shouldn’t be worried. At the beginning of menstruation, periods may be irregular or even sometimes absent, it could take your body a few months or even years to reach to a balance in the menstruation regulating hormones. On the other hand menstruation may be very irregular at the end of the menstruation years, many women realize that they are approaching menopause when their regular periods start getting irregular. Usually menopause starts twelve months after you get the last period. Pregnancy is the most …

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Periods Are Irregular, This Health Condition Could Be The Cause

If Your Periods Are Irregular, This Health Condition Could Be The Cause

It is quit easy to notice if something is going wrong with your health, you will notice the symptoms, go to your doctor, a test will show the situation on hand and then medications will be prescribed to treat the situation. However this is not the case with all health conditions and specially Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. While Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is usually associated to irregular menstruation, it is easy to blame the irregularity to other factors, as PCOS is characterized with slew diagnose which means that not one test can detect it, indeed only less than 50% of the women who have PCOS know they have it according to the PCOS Foundation. But it is actually a common ovulation condition …

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Common Reasons For Irregular Periods

Seven Most Common Reasons For Irregular Periods

Besides being pregnant or going through your menopause, an irregular or missed period is a strong indicator that something is going wrong with your health and you should start investigating what could be the possible reason for that, missing a period for three months or more can be a result of irregular production of woman sex hormones which can lead to many other complications, the following are some of the most common reasons for having irregular or missed periods in young women. 1- Being Under High Levels Of Stress. One of the main reasons you may be experiencing missed or irregular periods is the amount of stress you are putting yourself under, when you are stressed, your adrenal glands work …

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