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Signs You Are Afraid of Intimacy

5 Surprising Signs You Are Afraid of Intimacy

Intimacy is often thought as a term that involves romantic relationships. However, this is a mistake. Intimacy concerns our relationships with others whether it involves romance or not. And since human beings cannot live solely and therefore need intimacy, it is important to recognize signs of fear of intimacy before one becomes too lonely. Such signs are: 1- One of the surprising signs of fearing intimacy is that you can’t sit still. You are always busy, and if you manage to find some spare time, you try to find something to do to keep yourself busy. This is because you do not want to face reality about having no strong relationships with anyone. 2- You are perfect, or at least …

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Signs Your Partner Has Intimacy Problems

5 Signs Your Partner Has Intimacy Problems

Intimacy has many meanings to many people. However, it usually boils down to being able to be close with others and share your feelings and emotions with them. As any other psychological trait, intimacy can be lacking in some people. Such people are difficult to deal with in relationships, so it is important to recognize intimacy problems in people as early as possible. 1- People with intimacy problems have a difficult time expressing their feelings. So even if your partner loves you, do not expect him/her to say anything about it, even if you have been together for awhile. If he/her is already your spouse, they will not show any signs of endearment often. 2- People with intimacy issues usually …

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