Saturday , February 17 2018

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Nutritious Insects Consider Diet

8 Nutritious Insects You Should Consider Adding to Your Diet

Although it sounds unusual to many people, insects are part of an everyday diet in numerous countries. Edible insects reached over 1,900 species. They don’t only taste good, but bugs are packed with nutrients, fibers, protein, and healthy fat. Moreover, raising insects is much easier than livestock and contributes to the environment. Within the numerous species you can choose from, here are the top 8 popular groups: 1. Ants : A 100 gram of these tiny sweet tasting creatures, specifically red ants, is low in carbohydrates, low in calories and provides you with grams of protein and calcium, together with a little iron and other nutrients. 2. Stinkbugs : They may smell, but stinkbugs have an apple flavor that can …

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