Monday , February 26 2018

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Types of Coughs and What They Indicate

7 Common Types of Coughs and What They Indicate

Coughing is a body’s natural reaction to foreign objects and to get rid of mucus out of the respiratory tract. On its own, coughing is not a disease. A cough is a symptom to many different causes such as cold and allergies. Sometimes it’s not that hard figuring out the cause of the cough. Depending on its sound or accompanying symptoms, you can figure out what you’re suffering from. 7. Asthma : Asthma is a condition in which your airways become inflamed. If you suffer from asthma, along with dry coughs and wheezing noises, your chest tightens and you undergo difficulty breathing and fatigues. 6. Postnasal Drip : Coughing out of a postnasal drip is due to mucus, secreted as …

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