Thursday , March 22 2018

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Things That Prove You That You're Improving even When You Feel You're Not

5 Things That Prove You That You’re Improving even When You Feel You’re Not

Don’t you sometimes have moments when you feel that you are failing in life? Do you sometimes think and say, “I have finally hit rock bottom”? Each one of us feels like that once in a while, even if there are many things that prove you are actually improving and doing better in life. So what are these things? 1- You are less whiny. When you face obstacles and misfortune, you don’t complain like you used to do. Instead you set a plan or a course of action to apply and follow through. 2- You don’t feel envious about others’ success. Feeling envious or unhappy about other’s success means you don’t have enough self esteem, and that you don’t believe …

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