Monday , March 19 2018

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Jobs That Harm Their Workers Health the Most

6 Jobs That Harm Their Workers Health the Most

Determining your career path should not only be based on the financial gain of the job; after all, you might have to spend more money on your health care because of a harmful job. Workers or employees who are often exposed to radiation, contaminants, bites, burns, or stress are prone to the highest health risks that may shorten their lifespan. The top 6 unhealthy jobs are: 6. Flight Attending : People who travel every once in a while suffer from jetlag, so how about someone who take travelling as a career. The hectic nightshifts of air hostesses put them at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Moreover, greeting travelers from around the world expose flight attendants to various contaminants …

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Addiction To Facebook Harm Your Health

Seven Signs Addiction To Facebook Harm Your Health

Most of us won’t let one day pass without logging onto Facebook, but some people are really addicted, they spend most of their free time on it, although it is addictive and everybody agrees but spending too much time on it can potentially harm your health, imagine! There are many ways using Facebook for long times harm your health, listed below are some signs always associated with excessive usage of Facebook that prove it can be harmful for the health so read on. – Signs Of Depression. Mostly those who are addicted to Facebook forget the whole world around them and only focus to socializing online so in any chance they don’t get to log onto Facebook for any reason …

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