Friday , March 23 2018

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thicker and stronger hair Try this natural treatment

Want thicker and stronger hair? Try this natural treatment now!

Castor oil is sticky and heavy, yet if you can handle it, it is ideal for several hair and skin issues. For the best results, be certain to get an organic, hexane-free, and cold-pressed castor oil. In this article we will tackle the great benefits of castor oil for beauty and how to use it on your hair, brows, and lashes. Castor oil is loaded with linoleic acids that destroy bacteria and fungi. Not only does this oil work splendidly on clearing out unwanted micro-organisms, but Castor oil is full of Omega-9 as well. This amazing fatty acid nourishes your skin, hair, and follicles. The oil’s qualities make it so easy for these chemicals penetrate more profoundly. If you have …

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