Wednesday , May 23 2018

Foolproof Strategies Stopping Unwanted Advances :Tag

Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances

5 Foolproof Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Advances

Nowadays, to many men, being a young single woman is just the same as carrying a colorful flag with a sign saying, “free meat”! Moreover, being pretty makes things worse as well. Therefore, a girl needs to know how to defend herself well and know how to ward off unwanted advances from likewise unwanted admirers. Let’s check some tips that will help with that. 1- Don’t dress in something that may “simulate” predators. I am not telling you to look frumpy but you shouldn’t look like you are dressed for a very-intimate, very-personal party either. The more skin your clothes show and the tighter they stick to your skin, the more the impression of “needing adventure” you give to men. …

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