Wednesday , February 21 2018

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Foods You Need to Avoid to Prevent Inflammation

7 Foods You Need to Avoid to Prevent Inflammation

Inflammation is a medical condition that can lead to damaging your tissues, hypertension and even enhancing cancer cells. There are some foods that are rich with the chemicals that might lead to inflammation, such as: 1- partially-hydrogenated acids can increase inflammatory biomarkers in the body. The foods that contain partially hydrogenated acids are many, but the ones people usually use are margarine and fake butters. It is better to use butter or clarified butter instead. 2- Some types of vegetable oil are rich with omega 6 fatty acids which are the main reason for inflammation, such as soy, corn, sunflower, safflower and cottonseed oil. Instead, use coconut oil, or canola oil. 3- Meats with high fat content can cause inflammation …

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