Tuesday , March 20 2018

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Foods That Cause Bloating and How to Avoid Them

What Are Foods That Cause Bloating and How to Avoid Them?

After a meal, people may experience bloating due to excessive gas. The reasons of bloating may vary from a serious medical condition to, most commonly, a defect in the diet. The following are examples of foods that usually cause bloating and recommendations on how to replace them. 5. Wheat For some people, gluten in wheat causes a lot of problems in digestion that includes bloating. Even though wheat is involved in nearly all baked foods, there are gluten-free alternatives such as buckwheat, oats, quinoa, coconut flour and almond flour. 4. Beans Beans hold a highly nutritional value full of proteins, fibers and healthy carbs. However, beans also contain a type of sugar that’s fermented by gut bacteria and gas is …

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