Saturday , March 24 2018

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Fluorescent Lights Affect Your Health Cancer and Migraines

Does Fluorescent Lights Affect Your Health? Cancer and Migraines

In case you spend a lot of time under fluorescent light, whether at the office or at home, you’re probably aware of how irritating it is because of its brightness, its noise, and the way it makes you look zombie pale. But above all that, do fluorescent lights also really affect our health? Mentioned below are some facts and myths you perhaps may have heard of about the effect of fluorescent light on our body. Myth or Fact? Radiation Emitted By CFLs Causes Cancer CFLs, in fact, do emit radiation that generates electromagnetic fields. But so does your cell phone. The radiation emitted from CFLs has no impact whatsoever to a person standing two to one feet away from the …

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