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Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More

Pumpkin is Good For Your Heart, Fertility, Eye Health and More.

Eating fruits and vegetables of all types is just good for your health, most types of fruits and vegetables have been associated with a significant reduction rate of life-style relation health issues. Several studies proved that eating plenty of plant foods like pumpkin decreases the risk of obesity, cancer, heart diseases, asthma and vision problems. Eating pumpkins also helps in improving your connection, increase your energy levels, reduce bad cholesterol levels, aids in weight loss, protects against inflammatory diseases, delay aging and aid in digestion. Here’s a list of the potential health benefits of pumpkin. 1- Protects The Heart Health. The potassium, vitamin C and fiber content in pumpkin makes it perfect for your heart health. Potassium helps to reduce …

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Fertility Boosters For Couples

Seven Fertility Boosters For Couples

If you are trying to get pregnant sooner rather than later, considering the basic fertility boosters for you and your partner can help make your trials easier, things like weight control, and timing intercourses can help a lot to make you successfully conceive. Check out below the most basic eight ways to boost your fertility and chances of conceiving. 1- For Her, Weight Control. Women who are underweight or overweight and obese find it more difficult to conceive than those with ideal BMI , in a study researchers observed the BMI of 2,112 pregnant women, women who had a higher BMI than 25-39 before pregnancy considered obese had twofold increased time to conceive than those who had a BMI of …

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Common Misconceptions about Fertility You Should Know

5 Common Misconceptions about Fertility You Should Know

When you look forward to have a baby and look for advices from the people around you and the internet, you face a lot of false information that might not help in getting pregnant and can actually affect your fertility and the fertility of your partner. We collected some of the most common misconceptions and corrected them for your knowledge, so enjoy an informative read… 5. Weight Has No Effect on Fertility : Fitness does have an effect on your chances of getting pregnant. Both underweight and overweight individuals are less fertile than those who are fit. Weight affects both men and women. Overweight influences the sperm count in men. 4. Caffeine Is Forbidden for Pregnant Women : If a …

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Factors that Threaten Male Fertility

Surprising Factors that Threaten Male Fertility

The ability to have babies is a blessing that many people long for. Do not deprive yourself from fatherhood and its rewards; protect yourself from the factors that harm male fertility. The first measure you should take is to know these factors by reading on. High Blood Pressure : Decreased count of well shaped sperms is associated with high blood pressure. Whether this effect is caused by the high blood pressure itself or by the medications that treat it, is not obvious. You can regulate your blood pressure and lower the need for medications by decreasing your salt intake and consuming a healthy diet. Physically Demanding Work : Jobs that are physically exhausting affect the concentration of semen. On the …

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Natural Fertility Boosters

Eight Most Effective Natural Fertility Boosters

Infertility is a condition when a couple fail to conceive naturally for a period of one year , which make them try different types of chemical fertility treatments and ignoring the effectiveness of many natural fertility boosters that can increase your chances of conceiving naturally up to 80 percent , discover how you can boost your fertility level with these Eight Most Effective Natural Fertility Booster . 8- Agnus Castus . Agnus castus is a Mediterranean tree , it contains iridoid glycosides, flavonoids, and terpenoids which work on balancing the hormones of the body , it can also help if you have irregular periods or have issues ovulating due to a hormonal imbalance , agnus castus is also good for …

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