Tuesday , March 20 2018

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Fashion Mistakes

You Are Getting Unpopular Because You Commit These Fashion Mistakes

How we dress and how we look contributes to most of why people like and accept us. So, even though people are used to saying things like, “looks do not matter” they give great attention to looks and clothes. Therefore, if someone is thinking that they are unpopular, the first thing they would want to check is their looks. And there are fashion mistakes men DO commit that make them unpopular. You will find some of these mistakes men should avoid in the following lines. 1- T-shirts and clothes with funny slogans and sayings. Avoid these types of clothes. They look immature and they make you seem like you are starving for attention. Besides women do not like walking next …

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Fashion Mistakes That Actually Make You Look Fat

5 Fashion Mistakes That Actually Make You Look Fat

Have you ever wondered about how true the phrase people say sometimes, “this dress or these pants make me look fat”? Well, we are not here to tell you the answer since you already know it, we are here to tell you what not to wear if you don’t want to look fat or at least more heavy than you already are. 1- One fashion mistake that some women do since baggy clothes are in style now is wearing baggy tops on baggy bottoms, like baggy coats on baggy skirts. Too much of a good thing can turn bad. So if you are wearing baggy clothes, balance them with fitted pieces. 2- There should be at least a pair of …

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