Thursday , March 22 2018

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Home Remedies To Treat Eyelid Cysts

Four Easy Home Remedies To Treat Eyelid Cysts

An eyelid cyst or also known as chalazion is a lump that appear on the upper or lower eyelid due to a blockage in an oil gland , it is similar to a sty but less painful and larger in general, eyelid cysts are not contagious and CA become red, swollen and painful if they get infected. The following are some easy and effective home remedies you can do to treat the problem. 1- Warm Compressed. The warmth is a guaranteed way to improve circulation in the area and in return improve the drainage in the gland. It also helps in alleviating the pain and reducing swelling. Soak a cotton ball in warm water and apply it to the affected …

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