Thursday , March 22 2018

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Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

Wonderful Tips for Gorgeous Eyelashes

When it comes to beauty, eyes play a significant part especially when supported with healthy, lush eyelashes. Eyelashes also serve an important role in protecting our eyes. Like every part of our body, eyelashes need special care to look their best and give you a boost of gorgeousness. Here are some tips to protect and enhance your lashes: 1. Be Easy on Your Lashes If you have a habit of pulling your lashes or continuously rubbing your eyes, you need to stop it immediately. Such habits will break the lashes especially that eyelash roots are weak. Moreover, when you use a lash curler, do it gently without pulling on your eyelids. 2. Be Careful with Mascara Directly after applying mascara, …

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Tips On How To Easily Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

Seven Tips On How To Easily Apply False Eyelashes Professionally

Nice long and thick eyelashes will make your eyes look bigger, sexier and more beautiful, but unfortunately not everyone of us is blessed with gorgeous thick eyelashes, however you can still achieve that sexy look in only three minutes by applying class eyelashes that will make your eyes look more glamorous, you will only need a bit if practice to perfect that look. There is two types of class eyelashes, the full set of lashes are more suitable if you want a fuller and thicker volume of your eyelashes while individual lashes are more suitable if you want to achieve a more natural look, below is a few tips to help you apply class eyelashes professionally and achieve your desired …

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