Wednesday , April 25 2018

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Risks Of Eating Smoked Meats

The Risks Of Eating Smoked Meats

Smoked meats include some types of sausage, ham, bacon and some types of jerky, even though smoked meats can be really delicious, they can cause several health conditions including cancer, gastrointestinal infections, heart diseases and diabetes, if you have a family history of these types of diseases then you should be extra cautious with portion of smoked meats you add to your plate and avoid eating them regularly. – High Risks Of Cancer. Researchers found that people who eat large amounts of smoked meats regularly are at a higher risk of developing pancreatic , prostate, rectal and colon cancer, The National Cancer Institute notes that the increased risk of cancer from eating smoked meats can be associated with heterocyclic amines …

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