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Drinks You Should Completely Avoid On A Hot Day

Three Drinks You Should Completely Avoid On A Hot Day

It is a hot summer day, you are thirsty and looking for anything to quench your thirst. Anything that is liquid and cold sounds perfect for you right? Not so fast, turns out that there are some beverages that can make you even more dehydrated and, these drinks you should definitely turn down when you are thirsty on a hot day or after working out. Check out the list below for the worst drinks you can have on a hot day. 1- Soda. Even Though a cold glass of soda with ice sound ideal to quench your thirst and freshen you up, it is one of the worst things you can drink when your body needs fluids, beside the fact …

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Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated

What Foods And Drinks Get You Dehydrated?

Our human bodies are made up of 70% water, without water our bodies won’t be able to function properly. We lose fluids everyday through urinating, breathing and sweating so it is important to take in enough water to make up for the lost fluids and stave off dehydration that occurs when your body loses more water than it takes in. Losing more water than your body gets will leave the cells depleted and unable to function on a proper base. Losing fluids depend on several factors such as the body’s health state, activity levels and other environmental factors such as humidity levels and temperature. All those factors can cause mild dehydration if you are taking some amount of liquids even …

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foods and drinks that cause insomnia

What are the foods and drinks that cause insomnia?

Insomnia is a disease that most of the people suffer from. It is a state of discomfort in sleep which makes the person loses his ability to sleep well. Although there are some foods that can help to treat insomnia, but there are others which can cause insomnia. 1- Excessive amounts of water: Although drinking water is very useful for avoiding many diseases, but drinking large amounts of it before sleeping makes the bladder full. As a result, it will increase the number of times you want to pee during the night and that will raise the risk of insomnia. 2- Drinks: Such as coffee and tea as well as soft drinks contain a high proportion of caffeine. Thus, they …

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drinks for reducing buttocks fat

Some drinks for reducing buttocks fat

Of course most women suffer from the accumulation of fat in the body areas, especially the abdominal area and buttocks. Thus, every woman should keep track of what she eats exactly in order to know what to change in her diet. Also, every woman should replace bad health habits with good ones. Like for example drinking hot drinks helps to burn fats especially in the tummy and the buttocks. -First recipe: Ginger and mint *Ingredients: 1 tablespoon of ground ginger – 1 tablespoon of rosemary – 1 tablespoon of ground mint – 1 tablespoon of green tea – 1 liter of water. *Methods: Boil all the ingredients for 5 minutes then drain it and drink it. You should drink from …

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Natural drinks for treating bloating

Natural drinks for treating bloating

If you are looking for ways to treat bloating, you will not find methods better than natural treatments. There are many healthy drinks that can reduce bloating and swelling in your stomach. Here you will find the most important homemade drinks for treating bloating naturally. *Mint tea: Peppermint tea has a distinctive flavor that enables you to treat the bloated abdomen. It works to alleviate many of the digestive problems. Moreover, it is really delicious and it quenches thirst quickly. *Cinnamon drink: Cinnamon has been used for centuries to treat upset stomach as it is one of the spices that reduces pressure on the stomach and provide relief from bloating. *Hot pineapple juice: It is very effective in treating bloated …

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Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

5 Worrisome Health Concerns about Energy Drinks

You feel that you are drained out of energy and look for a boost, so you reach out for an energy drink to recharge your power; better than taking drugs right? Gulping energy drinks is not as safe as you might assume, there are several health concerns raised by the FDA related to drinking such drinks. There are even some reported cases of death by energy drinks. Here are the top 5 worrisome health issues that can be caused by the consumption of energy drinks: 4. Impairing Cognition Consuming moderate amounts of caffeine, like 40 mg, can improve the result of a reaction time test. However, the intake of higher amounts of caffeine, like the 80 mg found in a …

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dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

Top 4 most dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

A lot of people are fond of soft drinks of various kinds. What are the risks that result from drinking them and what is the origin of these drinks? Unfortunately soft drinks today have been strongly established in the culture of our society. You’ll find that soft drinks are among the most selling products in Ramadan; they have become an essential product at the dinner table without paying attention to their danger especially on children. 1/Obesity and getting overweight. Drinking one pack of soft drinks a day that contains large amounts of sugar can lead to an increase in our bodies’ fat for a half kilo a month, six kilograms per year, and Sixty kg in ten years. 2/Eating cold …

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