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Home Remedies To Treat Minor Ear Infection Or Ear Discharge

Three Home Remedies To Treat Minor Ear Infection Or Ear Discharge

Ear discharge is a medical condition that is quit common to many people of all ages, it can happen as a result of an infection in the middle ear, trauma happened to the ear canal, eardrum or other conditions, usually the discharge would be excessive Wax that your ear produce Naturally, sometimes ear discharge can be accompanied with fever, pain, discomfort and feeling of sickness, in this case and specially if the condition last more than a week you are recommended to consult your doctor immediately, however if the condition is more mild then you can try the help of these following home remedies. 1- Use White Vinegar. White vinegar with its acidic nature work as a natural topical antibacterial, …

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Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Normal And Abnormal Vaginal Discharge And When To Worry

Vaginal discharge is normal and has many purposes, however, abnormal vaginal discharge is something you should monitor closely and pay attention to, panicking and stressing may increase the problem, instead of you trying to find out the cause of the problem yourself, don’t be shy and consult your doctor as soon as you discover some abnormal vaginal discharge. Discharge related to your menstrual cycle should not be suspected by you, there are many mucus decoration glands in the cervix and around the cervix, around the time of your ovulation, estrogen levels rise, which make these mucus glands work excessively, the discharge you will get would be white or see through watery or egg white like constancy, this discharge is healthy …

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