Saturday , March 17 2018

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Dieting Can Destroy Your Thyroid Gland

Ways in Which Dieting Can Destroy Your Thyroid Gland

People have always been debating the reason why diets usually fail no matter how strict and low calorie they are. One reasoning that I highly believe in is that dieting can cripple and weaken your thyroid gland. And this makes diets fail how? Because your thyroid gland produces metabolism hormones. So, how does dieting destroy your thyroid gland? 1- It is common for dieters to think that diet soda is the ultimate drink. Why not when it is a carbonated beverage that doesn’t give you any calories? However, Diet drinks are rich in fluoride, which is a substance that hinders your body’s response to your thyroid hormones rendering them ineffective. 2- No fat diets are the latest fad in the …

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