Friday , April 20 2018

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Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen view and all kitchen details reflect its owner personality. It is known that the refrigerator zone is the zone with most traffic in the kitchen compared with the cooking area, so the most efficient design allows the distance between that two regions to be between three and seven feet. U Design: It is the top design because it limits traffic in the working area. With a normal kitchen space you can have a proper working zone, but if the kitchen is too large add islands to make walking distance short. L Design: It is more efficient than U Design as it requires small space. You can add an island in it. Galley Design: It is also called a …

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Italian Kitchen Design Ideas

There are a lot of ideas to design a unique Italian kitchen; like painting the walls with gold and using the paper bag technique which will create a wonderful texture. Pots and herbs are extremely Italian; they can be used in cooking or decoration. In order to elicit feelings of the sea, glass tiles in blue and green are a good choice. In addition, the Italian kitchen should have one or two elegant pieces of art. The dining room table should be an old farm table with a rustic look and can hold a large family. For chairs, it is better to use chairs with benches on either side. The table should have two large antique chairs at both ends. …

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Modern Living room design – tips

Designing a living room in a modern & fashionable style isn’t difficult nor is it as expensive as many people think. There are many means that can be used to achieve fashion with less cost & less efforts . The living room is considered the most important room in the house where people spend the majority of their time watching TV , meeting guests & relaxing. This room should be comfortable for souls & reflect its inhabitants ‘ character to feel relaxed & private. First of all the one who has a desire for change should determine the area that need new design including furniture , accessories , flooring as well as colors . There are many methods for modern …

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Sunroom Design Ideas

Most people now tend to have a sunroom in their homes. This is due to the multiple advantages that can be obtained from it as a warm place in the winter or a comfy one in the summer. Moreover, you can spend a wonderful time with your friends or family. A sunroom makes you feel like you are surrounded by nature and renews your energy. However, the only way to achieve this delight is to choose its furniture very well. The most important step during the design of a sunroom is choosing its location as it will be a great element and it will affect the atmosphere of the room. You should be careful while deciding where the sunroom is …

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Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

Cooking and eating, gathering and chatting, what else do you need to complete the fun but a perfect design to turn your kitchen into a charming contemporary one! It fulfills all your needs and is still cozy, functional and cost saving. Contemporary kitchen designs provide innovative ideas for all types of kitchens. It is the art of using all kitchen elements to suit the actual space and make the most of it. No matter what the shape of the kitchen is, there is always a clever solution in a contemporary design that ensures efficiency and harmony. A contemporary U- design is one of the best kitchen styles. It offers adequate working room and allows placing an island or a peninsula …

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