Tuesday , February 20 2018

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Unusual-But-Amazing Uses for Deodorants

6 Unusual-But-Amazing Uses for Deodorants

Why is it that deodorants are an essential part of every woman’s purse? It is because that when you happen to pass by someone sweating and smelling you lament the day you were born and think something like, “Eeeeeeeew, do I smell like that when I sweat too?” However, you will read now some amazing things you can do with a deodorant that will make you keep many – not just one – around at all times. 1- Deodorants have this unmatched ability in drawing out moisture (they are like sticks of silica gel). So when you suddenly have a zit at the last moment you want to see it, rub it with some deodorant. It is an extremely quick …

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