Friday , February 23 2018

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Drinking Three Cups Of Coffee A Day Does To Your Liver

What Drinking Three Cups Of Coffee A Day Does To Your Liver

Drinking coffee has been argues by scientists for decades, some fight for it and some fight against it, coffee certainly has many proven health benefits but may also have many health dangers if consumed at the long term, the debate on coffee also goes back to which part of the body we are talking about when we speak about coffee, coffee benefit some parts of the body while harming other parts, but when it comes to the liver, the benefits if coffee outweigh the risks, find out what drinking three cups of coffee a day does to your liver. 1- Reduces The Risk Of Liver Cancer. The first study that researched the benefits of coffee to the liver was made …

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Baby Here's How to Prepare for the Day of Delivery

Expecting a Baby? Here’s How to Prepare for the Day of Delivery

The time of welcoming a new family member is surely an exciting time. If you had gone through labor before, you probably know what to expect on the day of delivery. However, if it was your first time to give birth, you might need some guidelines to help you prepare for this special day. First baby or not, you will surely find the following tips helpful to keep on mind. 1. Make Decisions Concerning This Day Before It Comes Prepare the clothes that you will be comfortable in for delivery and decide if you want to walk, stand or just sit during the first part of delivery. You might need painkillers so check with your doctor what will be appropriate …

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