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How to know you are dating a womanizer

How to know you are dating a womanizer!?

A Womanizer is a guy who is not willing to settle down just yet (or mostly ever! but he is forced to as he gets old!). However, he will do everything to convince you that he is ready. He will tell you that you are the love of his life and that you have got fabulous eyes, great legs, and amazing everything. Just how do you know when you have a womanizer on your palms? Let’s take a look at the top warning signs you’re dealing with a womanizer. 1. He Never Gets Your Name Right. The day before you were Rita, today you are Maria and tomorrow you’ll be Sophie. Certainly, he says he has ten aunties and five …

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signs that will tell you the guy you’re dating is a womanizer

Here are the 5 signs that will tell you the guy you’re dating is a womanizer!

Choosing that one special man who is perfect for you is so hard, and many of us are afraid of making the same dating mistakes (or rather dating the same types of mistakes!) over again. Many of us have dated the wrong person. However, what about the one man we completely fear the most, The Womanizer? Here are some signs to look out for to know if he is a womanizer! 1. He Has A Reputation. If ladies have messaged you on Facebook or come up to you telling you that your new guy has got a reputation, you shouldn’t quickly drop these accusations as signs of jealousy. First, you need to hear these ladies out and make up your …

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