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Dangers of Not Getting 8 Hours of Sleep

Threatening Dangers of Not Getting 8 Hours of Sleep

The importance of getting sufficient sleep hours at night is enormous because enough sleep doesn’t only keep you healthy; it also protects you from dangers of early death. In case you insist to stay up late every night, convince yourself by reading the following threatening dangers of being a night owl: Messed Up Appetite Hormones When you don’t get enough sleep, you get urges to overeat and put on pounds. This happens because with lack of sleep, the body produces a lot of a hormone called ghrelin that promotes hunger, and a little of a hormone called leptin that signals fullness. Such hormonal changes increase your appetite and make you burn fewer calories. In order to gain better control over …

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The Dangers Of Eating Grapefruits

Find Out The Dangers Of Eating Grapefruits

Although grapefruit can be a very healthy choice for many people as it is rich in vitamin C and fiber along with other important nutrients, it can be a danger factor for others specially those who are consuming certain types of drugs, check with your doctor if eating Grapefruits is good for your health or not, but for now read why Grapefruits may be bad for your health below. 1- Inadequate Diet. Those who eat Grapefruits regularly aiming to lose weight are not making a correct choice, according to the American Dietetic Association there is no particular food or food group diet can melt fat away healthfully, and those who are following the grapefruit diet to lose weight are lacking …

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dangers of soda drinks on your body

Have you ever thought about the dangers of soda drinks on your body?

The caramel coloring used in soft drinks like cola can raise the risk of cancer due to the chemical process during its manufacture, which produces the dangerous carcinogen. The researchers found out that one can of cola on daily basis is enough to expose the consumers to cancer of one extra case in every hundred thousand. According to research, diet sodas have more or higher cancer- causing levels. Actually, the dangers of soda drinks are not limited to cancer only, but they can also affect your body in different ways. After few minutes of drinking cola, the insulin levels increase in bloodstream and all the sugar is converted into fat by the liver. Furthermore, blood pressure rises because of the …

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