Tuesday , February 20 2018

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Dangerous Is a Urinary Tract Infection

How Dangerous Is a Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary tract infection (UTI) often occur in older adults, it happens when a bacterial infection affect the bladder which is supposed to be a sterile environment, the seriousness of urinary tract infections and how dangerous it could be can vary from a minor medical issue easy to solve with antibiotics to a life threatening condition, it also depends on the overall state of health for the affected person and whether or not the infection spread to other parts and organs of the body or not. In most cases with UTIs symptoms are mainly related to bladder irritation such as a burning sensation while urinating, blood in the urine, pain and urge to urine frequently, oral antibiotics treatment usually result in …

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Dangerous Side Effects To Coffee

Six Surprisingly Dangerous Side Effects To Coffee

Coffee is the most popular beverage in The world. Most of us like to start our day with a lovely jolt of caffeine to get the needed boost and wake up properly. Some people don’t have any problem enjoying their coffee while others are always conscious, indeed coffee does have several side effects on your health that only start to happen if coffee becomes an essential part of your daily life and you find it too difficult to go a day without it. – Coffee And Hydrochloric Acid Production. Consuming coffee on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning stimulate the production of Hydrochloric acid which is responsible to breakdown protein and aid digestion and is only …

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dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

Top 4 most dangerous harms of carbonated drinks

A lot of people are fond of soft drinks of various kinds. What are the risks that result from drinking them and what is the origin of these drinks? Unfortunately soft drinks today have been strongly established in the culture of our society. You’ll find that soft drinks are among the most selling products in Ramadan; they have become an essential product at the dinner table without paying attention to their danger especially on children. 1/Obesity and getting overweight. Drinking one pack of soft drinks a day that contains large amounts of sugar can lead to an increase in our bodies’ fat for a half kilo a month, six kilograms per year, and Sixty kg in ten years. 2/Eating cold …

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Bleach Is Dangerous here is how to protect yourself

WARNING! Bleach Is Dangerous; here is how to protect yourself

Bleach is a chlorine containing chemical found in almost every single home. It is used for the cleaning of kitchens, bathrooms, laundry and fabric. As efficient as it is in cleaning off mold and getting rid of unwanted germs and bacteria, it releases harmful fumes that can be inhaled and have hazardous effects. Side effects of the fumes emitted from bleach: 1. Effects of Inhalation You may experience breathing problems such as coughing after inhaling bleach. These reactions could be more rigorous for asthma patients or people suffering from other chronic respiratory problems. This is mainly due to the possible injury or burning of the lining of the esophagus and lungs caused by bleach fumes. 2. Effects of Contact with …

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